Who We Are

Welcome to Luke Good French Bulldog, home of the regular eared French Bulldogs! We have not edited since 2011 and it is our strategy to keep the entirety of our Frenchies normal eared. We are glad for our canines and the entirety of the difficult work we have placed into them. There are numerous dos and don't when searching for a reproducer to add a pup to your family. We are extremely mindful of the standard discourse on this, and we are in no way, shape or form standard! 

We have better standards for our canines than numerous raisers we have run over. We esteem their personalities and wellbeing and anticipate that them should cling to the adaptation standard that has been presented. In any case, we are "liable" of breaking the shading standard, however we possibly do this when there is certainly not a reasonable mate (as we would see it) of the fitting shading accessible, or we have a particular objective/reason for doing this rearing. It would be ideal if you ask us for what reason! We will be glad to address your inquiries.  

If it's not too much trouble check our Available Puppy page to perceive what we have accessible. We for the most part have several litters per year, so on the off chance that we don't have what you are searching until further notice, if it's not too much trouble ask and we may have a few plans coming up. 

We Care Pet As You Care

We are an every now and again rearing project. We have at least two or three litters every year. So as to build up our bloodlines and make our vision, we should proceed to raise and produce little dogs. A few people say quality over amount, and we don't accept that is the situation in our reproducing program. Quality generates quality. Each litter should enhance their folks.